Supply Chain Industry Faces a Sustainability Crossroad

Sustainability in the transportation and supply chain industry has been a concern for decades. Conversations have been ongoing about how to reduce the carbon footprint, incorporate electric vehicles into fleets, and adopt alternative fuels. Now, however, we’re at a crossroad. The global climate crisis has reached a tipping point, highlighting transportation’s contribution to the problem… Continue Reading

Three Ways to Leverage Sustainability as a Growth Engine

A keen focus on sustainability is paramount to doing business in today’s environment. When designed and executed properly, sustainability does more than protect and improve the environment. It can help shippers and carriers build stronger, more profitable supply chains — while providing people across the world with dependable access to food, medicine and other essential… Continue Reading

Measuring the Impact of Sustainability on Logistics & Transportation

Consumer demand for sustainable practices is on the rise and the supply chain is at the center of many of these conversations. “The expectations of stakeholder groups for a supply chain sustainability strategy have transformed in the last 10 years, with increased demands for transparency and action,” Gartner states in 3 Sustainability Trends Shaping Supply… Continue Reading