Using Technology to Tackle Modern Supply Chain Challenges

  Logistics and transportation networks continued to face a litany of challenges in 2022. Here’s how technology can help shippers work through these issues and plan for future success.  As logistical bottlenecks and related disruptions continue to impact supply chains worldwide, shippers have been facing a new lineup of challenges so far in 2022. Much… Continue Reading

Supply Chain Network Optimization Boosts Visibility, Cuts Costs

To improve supply chain operations and reduce costs, organizations today need full visibility into their supply chains. Still, most companies keep supply chain data siloed in disparate locations and spreadsheets — making it difficult to uncover opportunities to improve. The Logistics Bureau reports that 69% of organizations don’t have full visibility of their supply chains…. Continue Reading

Putting Predictive Analytics to Work in Your Supply Chain 

How predictive analytics and advanced technology platforms help companies save money, increase efficiencies and pivot quickly.  If they didn’t know it already, companies across most industries have learned that well-oiled supply chains are generally driven by accurate data, modern technology platforms and collaborative tools. With the global pandemic continuing to disrupt supply chains worldwide, organizations… Continue Reading

Analytics-driven technology helps mitigate capacity issues

Tank truck carriers, bulk shippers can enlist increasingly intelligent systems to improve supply-chain efficiency, collaboration Everyone in transportation feels the pain, but the growing driver and capacity shortages are hitting many bulk transporters particularly hard. For instance, the petroleum-hauling tank truck industry experienced a 41.6% reduction in qualified driver applicants and a 23.3% reduction in… Continue Reading

The Current State of Logistics & What’s Ahead for 2022

Anyone who managed logistics, transportation, warehousing and/or supply chain responsibilities in 2021 faced ongoing obstacles and  is probably more than happy to wipe the past year from memory and start fresh in 2022.  The driver shortage, port congestion, rising freight rates and capacity constraints may stick with us as we move into the new year…. Continue Reading

Secret Weapon: How TMS Tackles Supply Chain Disruption

During a year when supply chain disruption is hitting manufacturers, distributors, and retailers from all angles, TMS is helping to level the playing field and ease the challenges that organizations across all industries are dealing with.  Coming into 2020, it looked as if it would be “business as usual” for most industries, with a slight… Continue Reading