Sustainability Progresses from Talking Point to Action Item

If designed and executed properly, sustainability can do more than protect and improve the environment, it can help shippers and carrier partners build stronger, more profitable supply chains. There is a shift happening in the supply chain and logistics industry that’s elevating sustainability from simply an aspiration to our must-do lists. This is in part… Continue Reading

5 Reasons Companies Should be Using Multimodal Shipping

The transport of goods using road, rail, sea and/or air, multimodal shipping is growing in popularity as shippers look for ways to improve the efficiency of—and drive the costs out of—their supply chains.  Because the best possible mode of transportation is selected for each leg of the freight’s journey, a multimodal approach provides high levels… Continue Reading

Using Freight Technology to Unlock Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility – the tracking of in-transit parts, components or products from manufacturer to final destination-, supply chain visibility has long been seen as the “Holy Grail” of supply chain management. For decades the notion sounded great in theory, but in reality very few organizations knew how to address, attain or harness it.  Fast-forward… Continue Reading

Riding the Wave: Strategies for Building Resiliency Amid El Niño

There are many unforeseen events that can derail the supply chain. Extreme weather conditions and shifts in carrier capacity are two of the usual culprits. The industry typically has little time to implement contingency plans to keep shipments moving during sudden events. We all learned this lesson during the global pandemic. But now that the… Continue Reading

Committed to the Chemical Logistics Market

For the past 20 years, Odyssey Logistics has been a leading chemical logistics provider, relied on by top chemical companies as they move products across the country or around the globe. It’s also certified by the American Chemistry Council as a Responsible Care® partner company. “Odyssey got its start in chemical logistics as a multimodal and… Continue Reading

You’ve Come a Long Way: A 20-Year Retrospective on the Logistics Industry 

When Odyssey Logistics & Technology began providing outsourced logistics management services to the chemical industry and other process manufacturers in February 2003, the world looked a lot different than it does today. It’s the year that the US Department of Homeland Security officially began operations, smartphone technology was emerging, Tesla was founded and iTunes music… Continue Reading

Rail Disruptions

  Friday, February 24, 2023:  Progressive Railroading: “Railroads and unions settle on paid sick leave” Friday, December 2, 2022:  This morning President Biden signed legislation that imposes the tentative contract on the rail unions that did not ratify and could have went on strike 12/9/22. The legislation blocks a national strike by the rail unions…. Continue Reading

Weather Related Service Update: Tropical Storm Elsa

  Tropical Storm Elsa Moving Into Northeast United States The National Weather Service announced Elsa will impact the Northeast U.S. on Friday. Flooding rains and strong winds will be the main threats. Thunderstorms, some with potentially significant severe weather, are expected Friday afternoon into Friday night across parts of the central Plains and Mid Missouri… Continue Reading