Intermodal Solutions:

Odyssey is an authority in intermodal transportation, and our skilled specialists construct cost-effective solutions on the most complex routing of sensitive or hazardous materials. Intermodal is often not only the most cost-effective transportation solution, but also a sustainable alternative since it can reduce carbon footprints by as much as 50% or more versus over-the-road solutions.

With our extensive intermodal network, our teams can move all types of commodities across the U.S. safely, on time and damage-free.

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Odyssey is a true leader and innovator in ocean container transport, one of the largest railway intermodal services companies in the U.S., providing service from any major port in the country. We have major wholesale agreements with all Class 1 and regional rail carriers.

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A dominant participant in the metals distribution business, Odyssey uses its Load and Roll Pallet (LRP) process, which permits safe, reliable and damage-free transportation of goods in a closed ocean container. The LRP can be used to move master coils, bar stock, plate, rod, wire and any other product form.

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Odyssey is a leading provider of domestic tank container on flat car transportation and domestic off-shore services to the chemical industry throughout North America. Our knowledgeable team utilizes innovative flexitanks for non-hazardous chemical products, our own ISO tank containers, or manages clients’ to provide safe door-to-door delivery of specialty chemicals, including those that require special HAZMAT handling.

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In food transportation, Odyssey operates a large fleet of double-insulated and refrigerated ISO tank containers exclusively dedicated to moving food-grade products. This fleet delivers environmentally responsible and sophisticated temperature-controlled, high-purity logistics solutions for road, rail and ocean transport. We also offer our innovative Flexitank solution which are designed to handle a wide range of free-flowing products and available for us in both 20ft and 40ft containers.