Customized Intermodal

A solution tailored to the individual needs of our clients and their customers and based on shipping frequencies, lot sizes and equipment types.

As part of our continuous improvement philosophy, we constantly adapt to market conditions and listen to the voice of our customers to enhance our service offerings.

Our solutions are tailored to the individual needs of our clients and their customers and based on shipping frequencies, lot sizes and equipment types.

Flexibility and customization are the keys for our customer relationships. Our business is built upon the design implementation and modification of a metals intermodal system that complements the logistics objectives and strategies of our customers.

We provide modal-shift analyses to determine if intermodal shipping is right for your business. The analyses examine a variety of factors, including but not limited to cost transit times and intermodal ramp locations.

Each intermodal program is unique. Working side-by-side with you, we determine:

• Which transload facilities best meet their transit needs
• The management of truck movements to and from those transload centers
• The type of equipment their customers need to receive the material


As producers and service centers continually face downward pressure on pricing and the need to reduce and control costs in their supply chain, We saw an opportunity to expand our reach and help in those cost-containment initiatives. Throughout North America, we have strategically located our warehousing and distribution facilities in major metals-consuming areas and less than a day’s transit of many others.

Working as an extension of your supply chain, we can provide just-in-time delivery through our network of fully equipped warehouses, and in conjunction with our Pipeline System for the smaller, more frequent releases.

Our warehouse facilities can handle every product form:

• Aluminum
• Brass
• Copper
• Stainless steel
• Carbon steel
• Tinplate
• Corrosion- and heat-resistant alloys

• Sheets
• Coils
• Plates
• Slabs
• Bars
• Wire and wire rod
• Billets/Ingots

Our transload centers and our personnel have the capacity and capabilities to store and manage your customer’s inventory requirements. We also will design programs that can meet their daily consumption needs, all without having to strain your transportation department’s tight budget.

Our inventory management system can provide real-time tracking of inventory, either through a secure login to our system or integration with existing ERP or legacy systems.


We have established long-term partnerships with qualified flatbed and van carriers to provide superior service to our customers.

Motor carriers are a critical part of intermodal transportation, and we have established long-term partnerships with qualified flatbed and van carriers to provide superior service to our customers. These relationships complement our in-house motor carrier which provides flatbed and dray services.

Our partner carriers are experienced metal haulers, outfitted with proper equipment and employing drivers who are properly trained in load securement and tarping procedures. We qualify and monitor our truck carriers’ performance based on:

• Safety
• Damage Prevention

•Transit Time

Our carriers must meet this criteria and maintain the the standards set by us, for our customers. We also provide:

• Container drayage to and from our transload facilities
• Transportation management services for longer-haul freight
• Local flatbed movement on company equipment for our intermodal customers and warehousing customers alike


As a natural extension of our North American capabilities, we offer full-service, single-source international metals transportation services. Working with our sister companies, we provide licensed NVOCC and freight forwarding services for both imports and exports.

Our capabilities extend globally, including into Europe, Asia and Latin America, providing both export and import transportation services – door-to-door, door-to-port, port-to-door or port-to-port – mirroring the INCO terms you have with your customers.

In a variety of international ports, we have a full complement of our proprietary LRPs to provide:

• A seamless door-to-door transportation solution - Rail to Ocean, Truck to Ocean, Ocean to Truck
• Reduced material handling and damage by eliminating costly transloads at destination ports
• Reduced or eliminated waste in load securement materials
• A reduced carbon footprint by converting final-mile or first-mile logistics to intermodal
• Load securement that meets North American railroad and maritime securement standards

Utilizing the power of our international network, we offer a total customs brokerage solution, including:

• Customs Clearance
• Importer Security Filings
• Duty Drawback

• Surety Bonds
• Foreign Trade Zone Consulting

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Load & Roll Pallet (LRP)

The heart of our industry-leading intermodal distribution business is our Load and Roll Pallet (LRP), which provides metals shippers the maximum flexibility available from an intermodal metals-transportation solution, and sets the standard for service utilized by many North American railroads.


The LRP permits safe, reliable and damage-free transportation of your goods in a closed ocean container. Those containers are moved by consistent and regularly scheduled stack trains, offering unparalleled transit times in the intermodal marketplace.

The LRP is the competitive advantage we have in providing unparalleled intermodal service to our metals industry customers. The LRP enables us to transload material from a flatbed truck into a closed ocean container quickly and with minimal handling. Since its initial design 25 years ago, the LRP has undergone several improvements and modifications to better meet the needs of our customers.

The LRP Provides:

  • Protection of our customers’ product inside the closed ocean container
  • Unparalleled method for product securement as well as prevent cargo shift
  • Weight distribution across the container floor preserves the structural integrity of the container


As confirmation of the LRP’s design and functionality, many North American railroads, including the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF), the Union Pacific (UP) and the Norfolk Southern (NS) use the LRP specifications as the basis for the loading guidelines for metal products in closed ocean containers. In addition, the LRP specifications also meet the guidelines established by the American Association of Railroads for the loading, blocking and bracing of metal products in closed trailers and containers.

Within minutes of an inbound truck arriving at one of our transload centers, 52,000-pound-capacity fork trucks unload the trailer and move the material directly onto one of our staged LRPs. There, transload workers begin to block, brace and strap the material securely to the LRP. Once their job is complete, the LRP is moved by a fork truck to our loading area where it is rolled into the container. Transload facility employees then block and brace the LRP inside the container.

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For customers requiring small-lot, high-frequency releases, we will develop an intermodal distribution program under our Pipeline System that allows you to accomplish those just-in-time deliveries with minimal inventory carrying costs. The Pipeline System allows our customers to provide a continual flow of material to their consignees, while reducing inventory carrying costs for the shipper.

In an effort to provide the most customizable and flexible metals logistics solutions, we have strategically placed our quality facilities around the globe. This enables us to service our customers with high quality warehousing, transloading, and local just-in-time product delivery.

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