Freight Management – Global Logistics Platform:

Our freight management clients benefit from an expert level team backed by the most advanced technology in the industry to provide the ultimate visibility, real-time insight, accurate analytics to drive performance, optimize service and lower cost.

Now, we’re giving you access to Project Insight’s three most critical business intelligence applications that help us drive your business.

Odyssey’s global logistics platform is composed of three applications: 

Accessorial Analysis: Controllable costs can only be controlled if they can be identified. Our accessorial analysis provides visibility into all your accessorial fees and identifies unnecessary costs.

Stats Pack: Stat pack equips you with the ability to drill down by mode, carrier, lane, customer and origin for real-time insight on shipment data including detailed trend analyses with visuals and graphs.

Carrier Performance: Our Track and Trace customers have access to increased visibility into carrier performance, which results in quick analysis and proactive actions for improvement and corrective actions.

Why these applications are critical to your business: 

Customer Experience: We’ve designed this tool with you in mind. Our team has worked through multiple iterations based on our customer’s feedback for the best performance results.

Report Generation: Time is one of our most critical assets, so stop wasting it. Eliminate time compiling and cleansing data and allow for more time to identify areas of opportunity and implementation of corrective actions.

SKU Level Cost: What is your true cost to serve? Identify and provide quick cost breakdowns by SKU or material group for more accurate estimates.

Business Unit ID: Segment data by business unit or profit center to give your team an easier way to look at just their shipment data.

Continuous Improvement: Our tools are constantly enhanced based on the industry trends and our customers feedback to push for continued success.

Our tool was built for you based on others like you. Connect or schedule a demo with one of our freight management experts today to gain access to the industry’s most advanced technology.

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