Odyssey Cloverleaf™ Sustainability Program
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Driving Effective and Profitable Change:

In the transportation world, a cloverleaf provides a safe path for vehicles to change directions. That’s the same thinking that drives the Odyssey Cloverleaf™ Program. We’re changing how supply chains impact our environment — and finding smart, new paths for sustainability and economic growth to work together for all of our stakeholders, including customers, carrier partners, consumers, investors and our own colleagues.

Cloverleaf is a science-based program dedicated to the belief that sustainability can be an engine for growth and economic prosperity. In the years we’ve spent developing this program, we have seen that electrification, artificial intelligence, analytics, IoT connectivity and other emerging technologies can be applied in ways that measurably move us towards a carbon-neutral world — while also uncovering new ways to reduce costs, improve margins and better serve every organization and person along the supply chain.

We’ve invested heavily in the technologies behind Cloverleaf and we actively participate in the SmartWay Program (USA), GreenFreight (Europe) and other government-sponsored initiatives. Our investments will only increase, as we make technologies, processes and information available to our customers and our carrier partners.