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Inaugural year of Odyssey Cloverleaf™ Sustainability Program surpasses expectations in CO2 reductions

Cloverleaf program data reveals a CO2 reduction of nearly 150,000 more metric tons in 2021 than originally forecasted
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February 22, 2022 – Odyssey Logistics (Odyssey), a global leader in logistics and technology solutions, announced impressive first-year results from its Cloverleaf Sustainability Program aimed at reducing carbon emissions in supply chain logistics. Odyssey launched its Cloverleaf™ Program in August 2021, fortified by the belief that sustainability can increase economic value for shippers and carriers—while also allowing everyone involved in the supply chain to become better stewards of our planet.

Using advanced data collection tools and the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA) guidelines, Odyssey estimates the program reduced carbon emissions for its clients by 444,367,755kg (489,831 tons) in 2021—far surpassing the original projection of 272,155,422kg (300,000-plus tons). In 2022, Odyssey expects even greater declines in carbon emissions through the Cloverleaf™ Program, with an anticipated reduction target of 479,916,150kg (529,017 tons) in 2022.

“The Odyssey Cloverleaf™ Program achieved exceptional results for our clients in 2021 as the supply chain and logistics industry collectively strives to lower our environmental impact,” said Keith Hancock, Chief Executive Officer of Odyssey Logistics. “The program’s success proves that environmental stewardship can be achieved alongside driving business growth forward. In 2022, we are excited to continue this critical momentum.”

The Odyssey Cloverleaf™ Program leverages new ways to advance sustainability, reduce costs, improve margins and better serve every organization and person along the supply chain. To that end, Odyssey has explored and invested heavily in current and emerging technologies including electrification, alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), internet of things (IoT) enabled devices, predictive/prescriptive analytics and telematics. To enhance customer involvement, Odyssey created automated commercial tools that empower its team to work with shippers and determine the most sustainable transportation mode for their needs.

Technology is not the only key to the success of the Odyssey Cloverleaf™ Program. Ingenuity in finding more sustainable transportation alternatives helped Odyssey clients overcome hurdles from ongoing capacity constraints, driver shortages and border issues. Odyssey also partnered with clients on intermodal alternatives and leveraged its ISO tank division to convert bulk tank trucks to over-the-rail transportation. Both of these efforts kept products moving during unprecedented times while reducing carbon footprint.

Odyssey is an American Chemical Council (ACC) partner company and supports the ACC’s mission to secure long-term commitment and action from every segment of society to tackle climate change.

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Odyssey Logistics is a global logistics provider with a freight network exceeding $3B. Our portfolio of multimodal logistics services includes intermodal, rail, ground transportation, warehousing, LTL and LCL consolidation, managed services and consulting. Our adaptive approach to solving modern logistics challenges differentiates us in the markets we serve. In addition to being certified by the American Chemistry Council as a Responsible Care® partner company we consistently exceed customer expectations by integrating analytics, carrier relationships, specialized assets, sustainability strategies and deep international expertise. Our unique approach ensures that customer shipments keep moving at full speed, even in the face of ever-changing market headwinds. Our Cloverleaf® program turns our deep commitment to sustainability into a growth engine for all stakeholders, including customers, carrier partners, consumers, investors and colleagues. Odyssey prioritizes community giving through its Project Outreach program and supports numerous charitable organizations, including Junior Achievement®. For more information visit

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