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Managing the complex food & beverage supply chain

As the food and beverage industry continues to evolve, manufacturers and distributors need reliable transportation options that help them get their shipments from origin to destination quickly, safely and securely. When they work with multimodal logistics partners, food and beverage companies can rest easier knowing that all of those boxes have been checked. 

This year, some of the trends shaping the food industry include the introduction of more lab-processed meats and high consumer demand for ready-to-drink cocktails. Companies are also working to control food waste by using “upcycled” products made from that food waste. “For example, leftover fruit pulp from juicing can be used to create fruit leather or jams,” Total Food Service reports. “This trend is not only good for the environment, but it also provides new revenue streams for businesses.” 

The publication also says that more machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are being used in the food and beverage industry, where the advanced technologies are helping businesses optimize their operations (i.e., predicting demand and reducing waste). “They can also be used to create personalized experiences for consumers, such as recommending food and drink based on their preferences,” it adds.

The environment is increasingly playing a role in purchasing decisions, with 42% of consumers saying that they “always” or “nearly always” consider it. This represents an 18 percentage point increase over the prior year, Food Dive reports. 

“Climate change is a major concern for many consumers, and businesses are responding by creating carbon-neutral food products,” Total Food Service says. “This involves reducing or offsetting the carbon footprint of a product, such as by using renewable energy sources or investing in carbon offset projects. This trend is not only good for the environment but can also be a selling point for businesses.” 

Leave it Up to the Experts

As the leader in bulk liquid food-grade logistics, Odyssey offers a full range of food and beverage logistics services. Those offerings include reefer vans; ISO tanks for temperature-sensitive products; over-the-road and intermodal transport of product packaging materials; transloading; and warehousing bulk and packaged ingredients and consumer beverages. 

Odyssey’s full suite of food-grade solutions ensures that food-grade material is transported safely and efficiently around the globe. Whether a company requires management of all or part of their food grade products, Odyssey’s experts and leading edge technology can help shippers improve performance and their bottom lines.

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