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flatbed truck with heavy metals shipment

The nation’s truck drivers keep the wheels turning

For the 2023 Driver’s Appreciation Week, Odyssey Logistics recognizes the efforts of the many dedicated truck drivers who keep the nation’s supply chains in motion all year round.

Trucks move about 73% of all of the nation’s freight by weight, but these hulking vehicles don’t do it on their own. More than 3.54 million drivers are behind the wheel of these trucks, safely shepherding about $941 billion worth of cargo from origin to destination during any given year. 

Every year, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) honors these hard-working individuals during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. The ATA started the tradition in 1988 and this year it takes place from September 10-16.

“Throughout National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Americans come together to acknowledge and show their gratitude for the tireless efforts of the 3.6 million professional truck drivers who work tirelessly to deliver the essential goods and resources to communities across the nation,” the ATA says.

Every Corner of the Country

The impact of truck drivers is felt in every corner of the country, as more than 80% of U.S. communities rely exclusively on trucks to meet their freight transportation needs. “From food, clothing and medicine to household products, construction materials and heavy-duty equipment,” the ATA continues, “the things that fill our lives and power our economy are made available thanks to a truck and a driver behind the wheel.”

As a leading supply chain services provider, Odyssey Logistics relies on a wide network of drivers to transport its customers’ cargo from point A to point B. We value the contributions that these individuals make in the workforce every day and appreciate the hard work they put forth on a consistent basis. 

“The best part about trucking is the wonderful people that you work with and the wonderful people that you meet each day,” says Cathy Devinney, a truck driver for Odyssey Logistics. “I’ve enjoyed it.” 

Another driver likes to go the extra mile to ensure that his equipment is always ready to perform. “One of the main things is keeping your truck maintained, when you see any problems, get them worked on, for your benefit, and for everyone else’s,” says Danny Bejarano.

Safety First

Truck drivers are also safety-minded, and realize that their own safety and the security of those around them is always of utmost importance. “We all have to get along out there on the road, share the road and be safe,” says Tony Birth. “Safety is the number one thing so we always watch for the other guy. We keep our heads moving back and forth in that mirror, check our equipment and always go that extra mile when it comes to safety. It always pays off in the end.” 

Here at Odyssey Logistics, we’d like to take this very special time of the year to once again honor all of the nation’s hard-working truck drivers who ensure that the food, medicines, fuel, emergency supplies and other essentials that we need in our daily lives are delivered on time, in good condition and at the right temperature.

In fact, the U.S. economy would not be able to run and sustain itself without the essential work that truck drivers do on the roads, in yards and at warehouses every day. “Our everyday needs are being constantly fulfilled by the efficient and skilled work of our delivery truck drivers,” says fleet safety solution provider Netradyne. “They help keep our businesses, hospitals and our own homes operating at full capacity.

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