Industries: Food

Odyssey provides a range of food transportation services for the industry from reefer vans and refrigerated ISO tanks for temperature sensitive products, to over-the-road and intermodal transport of product packaging materials.Food Transportation

Committed to the highest standards of quality and product safety in all modes, Odyssey has a large fleet of super-insulated and refrigerated ISO tank containers, focusing on the temperature-sensitive segment of the food market.

Whether a client is looking to move foodstuffs across the country or across the ocean, we utilize the optimum mode for each segment of the food transportation process.

Food Transportation Services:

  • Offshore: For over a decade, Odyssey has specialized in door-to-door sea transportation of bulk liquid food products in ISO tank containers in the domestic Jones Act Trade and Foreign Trade.
  • Domestic: In domestic door-to-door food logistics chain, we utilize the optimum mode for each transport segment, combining the flexibility of local truck transport with the economies of long-haul rail transport.
  • Storage: Odyssey provides ISO tank containers for inventory storage at Shipper or Receiver plant locations.  ISO tanks can provide a secure, cost-effective storage solution.