The highest standard in food-grade logistics

Odyssey is the leader in bulk liquid food-grade logistics with a full range of food transportation services from reefer vans food transportationand refrigerated ISO tanks for temperature-sensitive products, to over-the-road and intermodal transport of product packaging materials.

Committed to the highest standards of quality and product safety in all modes, Odyssey has a large fleet of super-insulated and refrigerated ISO tank containers. Utilizing both our advanced fleet of ISO tanks as well as our innovative flexitanks to safely and efficiently transport bulk liquid foods millions of miles around the globe every year.

Across the country or across the ocean, we utilize the optimum mode for each segment of the food transportation process.


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Dedicated solely for food-grade transport, Odyssey food-grade intermodal ISO tanks provide a true door-to-door food grade logistics solution designed to eliminate costly inefficiencies in supply and cold chain management. The versatility of our intermodal tanks and quality layered insulation allows travel by road, rail and sea over long distances.

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Odyssey has combined its patented flexitank solutions with the resources of a strong North American intermodal network, to provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective service.

Odyssey’s flexitanks, are available in both 20 ft. and 40 ft. and add immediate, accessible capacity with an ongoing focus on sustainability.

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Odyssey’s Bulk-liquid ISO tanks are the safe, sustainable storage solution for both aseptic and non-aseptic products at Shipper or Receiver plant locations.

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For over a decade, Odyssey has specialized in door-to-door sea transportation of bulk liquid food products in ISO tank containers. Our comprehensive knowledge of import and export processes and regulations enables us to design tailored, cost-effective end-to-end international transportation solutions.