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Odyssey Logistics unifies all brands under the ‘Odyssey’ name, signaling a strong push for future growth

As Odyssey advances its growth strategy, the company is prioritizing flexibility, efficiency and transparency for customers
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November 13, 2023 – Odyssey Logistics (Odyssey), a global leader in logistics and technology solutions, announced a significant milestone in its evolution – the transition to a unified Odyssey brand. This step is central to the company’s overarching strategy of further integrating its diverse offerings across its four core divisions –Intermodal, Transport & Warehouse, Integrated Marine Logistics and Managed Services.

This move enables customers to access Odyssey’s complete solutions portfolio more transparently, leveraging the company’s unique expertise in managing shipments across multiple transport modes and industries, including the transport of metals and chemicals, known for their complex supply chain requirements.

In the months ahead, as Odyssey phases out legacy brands and technologies to operate under a unified Masterbrand, customers can look forward to a streamlined experience that makes it easier to harness Odyssey’s extensive multi-modal capabilities, leverage advanced technology solutions, and access actionable insights to improve operations.

“Many of our customers have yet to experience the full value of the solutions we offer. By uniting acquired brands and core offerings under the singular Odyssey brand, our aim is to simplify and enhance the customer experience, underscoring the strategic value we bring to supply chains,” said Hans Stig Moller, CEO of Odyssey. “This transformation enables seamless access to best-in-class capabilities and services, reinforcing resilience and greater transparency for our customers in today’s complex logistics landscape.”

Odyssey delivers flexible, multi-modal supply chain solutions, and is adept at managing disruptions and shifting demands. Operating globally, Odyssey specializes in markets with complex logistics needs. The company actively promotes environmentally responsible supply chain practices through the Cloverleaf™ Sustainability Program, an initiative that utilizes actionable data to uncover ways to reduce cost while measurably reducing the environmental impact of global supply chains.

“We’re in a prime position to strengthen our customer ties and drive consistent, profitable growth with a more transparent and simplified experience,” said Moller. “The transition to a single Odyssey brand marks the beginning of this next phase of growth for us.”

About Odyssey Logistics

Odyssey Logistics is a global logistics provider with a freight network exceeding $3B. Our portfolio of multimodal logistics services includes intermodal, rail, ground transportation, warehousing, LTL and LCL consolidation, managed services and consulting. Our adaptive approach to solving modern logistics challenges differentiates us in the markets we serve. In addition to being certified by the American Chemistry Council as a Responsible Care® partner company we consistently exceed customer expectations by integrating analytics, carrier relationships, specialized assets, sustainability strategies and deep international expertise. Our unique approach ensures that customer shipments keep moving at full speed, even in the face of ever-changing market headwinds. Our Cloverleaf® program turns our deep commitment to sustainability into a growth engine for all stakeholders, including customers, carrier partners, consumers, investors and colleagues. Odyssey prioritizes community giving through its Project Outreach program and supports numerous charitable organizations, including Junior Achievement®. For more information visit

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