Press Releases: 04/24/2013

OL&T Continues Double-Digit Growth Trend

Q1 2013 Earnings Up 28%

DANBURY, Conn. (April 24, 2013) – Global lead logistics provider, Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T), announced another consecutive quarter of double-digit growth.  OL&T’s strategy of continuing to invest in North America, Europe and Asia, and concluding acquisitions to expand offerings, has added to the company’s top and bottom line growth and firmed its position as a leading global, end-to-end logistics services provider.

“Our long-term planning and ongoing internal evaluations of how to optimize delivery of our services are key to our continuing success and to ensuring that we remain responsive to our clients’ changing needs,” said Robert Shellman, OL&T president and chief executive officer.  Shellman continued, “We are constantly looking to the future to forecast a changing global environment and develop strategies to ensure we are on the leading edge of services designed to meet our clients’ needs.”

“To facilitate our growth strategy, we continue to make strategic capital investments in various regions globally,” said Cosmo Alberico, executive vice president and chief financial officer of OL&T.  Alberico continued, “For example, responding to increased business demand in the southern U.S. and in China, we increased our operational and physical presence in the Atlanta and Shanghai areas in order to effectively support the expansion of our service offerings in these regional markets.”

OL&T continues to evaluate companies in many regions and areas of services for potential acquisition.

About OL&T

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T) is a global lead logistics provider that empowers global logistics professionals with technology, processes and information for better decision making. OL&T leverages four main components to drive cost savings for clients and generate better service from transportation suppliers:  supply chain network evaluation and design; a patented, Web-based information technology infrastructure; proven operational processes; and, volume aggregation to provide economies of scale for greater efficiencies. In addition to fully managed logistics services, OL&T also offers individual 3PL services that include truck brokerage, intermodal transportation, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, facilities management, sample and small order distribution, and more.

The Odyssey Global Logistics Platform features a transportation management system that supports the safe, reliable and efficient delivery of client products throughout the world. WIN (Web Integrated Network) offers a scalable technology solution with an accelerated deployment and faster time to value.

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