Winter Storm Diego

Winter Storm Diego impacted the Southeast over the weekend, dropping a staggering amount of snow, ice, and rain across the region. The storm was responsible for multiple deaths, thousands of power outages, and road closures/blockages.Although the worst of the storm fall is behind us, the post-storm temperatures dipping below freezing could mean more ice related… Continue Reading

How Are the US-China Tariffs Impacting Logistics?

Here’s how the tariff wars are playing out in the world’s supply chains, and how good visibility, proactive thinking, and reliable supply chain partners can help protect companies of all sizes from the impacts.   In May, we first reported on the potential impact that the U.S.-China tariffs and other “trade wars” could have on… Continue Reading

UPS Freight Labor Negotiations

UPDATE: 11/11/2018: UPS and Teamsters Ratify UPS Freight Contract A new labor agreement between UPS Freight, the less-than-truckload unit of UPS, and the Teamsters Union was reached over the weekend avoiding a potential work stoppage and service disruptions. UPS Fright announced in their their release, “we will resume normal operations and will immediately begin accepting new… Continue Reading

International Maritime Organization Discusses Implementation of a New, Low-Sulfur Fuel Mandate

Beginning on Oct. 22, 2018, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) held a new round of talks centered on ocean-shipping environmental regulations, particularly the proposed January 2020 implementation of a new, low-sulfur fuel mandate. The initiative, coined “Sulphur 2020” by the IMO, will require maritime shippers to begin the usage of low-sulphur fuels in an effort… Continue Reading

Weather Related Service Update: Hurricane Michael

Friday, October 12, 2018:  Storm system Michael is expected to move off the Mid-Atlantic Coast and transition to a Post-Tropical as the storm races northward off the Northeast coastline. Heavy rain associated with Michael will clip parts of Southern New England through Friday afternoon and night. Many in the southeastern states are now attempting to… Continue Reading

Odyssey Overland and Linden Bulk Transportation LLC Honored

The DOW Chemical Company (DOW) has honored two Odyssey subsidiaries, Odyssey Overland and Linden Bulk Transportation LLC, with their Emergency Capacity Coverage Award and 2018 Service Provider Appreciation Award, respectively. These awards exemplify Odyssey’s commitment to providing the highest level of service in challenging markets, and we are proud to be recipients of these prestigious… Continue Reading

Drayage Capacity Update

Much has been written lately about the domestic trucking capacity problem.  The strong economy combined with the aging driver population and increasing regulations have made finding domestic capacity challenging for many cargo types and lanes. While the shortage has been evident in domestic long haul and bulk truck segments, capacity for the drayage of international shipments… Continue Reading

North American HazMat Update

The Outlook: Economic growth, especially in the chemical sector is expected to continue. Some experts even predict the US chemical market to out-pace GDP growth through 2021. This is keeping capacity tight and will further intensify the current crunch for the foreseeable future in the bulk industry. As tight as the bulk sector is at… Continue Reading