Blockchain Applications in Supply Chain

Blockchain is receiving a lot of press right now, and at least some of it is directly related to the logistics and transportation industry. “Blockchain allows businesses to track assets along the supply chain, introducing increased transparency and cost savings,” Gigabit’s Connor DiGregorio writes in Blockchain: the 2018 disruptor of the year. Walmart, for example,… Continue Reading

Weather Related Service Update – Winter Storm Jaxon

Tuesday, January 23, 2018: UPDATE– Winter Storm Jaxon’s wintry mix of snow, freezing rain, and gusty winds led to dangerous travel conditions over the Plains on Monday, resulting in the closures of many roads and some portions of major highways. The system is continuing today as it spreads snow and sleet from the upper Midwest… Continue Reading

Weather Related Service Update – Winter Storm Inga

Thursday, January 18, 2018: Update Winter Storm Inga left its mark on the South, shutting down the region with a wide swath of snow and ice from Tuesday to Thursday. As of today, some of the Southern states impacted by the system have begun to resume normalcy: power outages dwindled and roads began to reopen… Continue Reading

Winter Storm Grayson: 01/03/2018

Wednesday, January 3, 2018 –  Winter Storm Grayson began a wintry trek through the Deep South earlier today, causing major travel issues in Southeastern states like Florida and Georgia. The mix of freezing rain, sleet and later snow, will spread from Florida up to Virginia, and is expected to trigger power outages along its way…. Continue Reading

Capacity Crunch in Drayage

Much has been written lately about the domestic trucking capacity problem.  The strong economy combined with the aging driver population and increasing regulations have made finding domestic capacity challenging for many cargo types and lanes. While the shortage has been evident in domestic long haul and bulk truck segments, capacity for the drayage of international shipments… Continue Reading

Your 2018 Supply Chain New Year’s Resolutions

What supply chain new year’s resolutions should be on your company’s list for 2018? There’s nothing quite like the start of a New Year to get moving on those goals, tasks, and mission that your company has been pondering but not acting upon. As supply chains and logistics operations become more complex and intertwined with… Continue Reading

ELD Final Rule Compliance Date FAQ

As of December 18th, any commercial vehicle weighing over 10,000 pounds with an engine model year of 2000 or newer must be equipped with an FMCSA-approved electronic logging device (ELD). This mandate represents Phase 2 of the FMSCSA’s phased-in ELD compliance requirements. Here are five things to know about this new development: Why was this… Continue Reading

Wage and Benefit Negotiations Move Forward Between Railways and Unions

Underway for over three years now, negotiations between the railways and unionized rail workers have made huge strides in recent weeks. According to a press release from the National Railway Labor Conference (NRLC), tentative agreements have been reached between the railroads and four more rail unions, the Brotherhood Railway Carmen (BRC), the International Association of… Continue Reading

Weather Related Service Update: 12/11/2017

Monday, December 11, 2017  –  Natural events are disrupting service in several parts of the United States. California is currently under siege by fast-moving, deadly wildfires. There are now 5 major wildfires (covering more than a quarter of a million acres) burning in Southern California fanned by continued Santa Ana Winds of up to 60 miles… Continue Reading

5 Logistics Budgeting Tips for 2018

With the fourth quarter in full swing, it’s a great time to kick off planning for 2018 and, as part of that effort, find new ways to eke the most out your logistics budget. Whether that means locking in freight rates, doing lane analysis, or evaluating technologies and tools that will help your firm’s transportation… Continue Reading