CVSA’s Brake Safety Week Set for August 21-27, 2022

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual Brake Safety Week is scheduled for Sunday, August 21st through Saturday, August 27th, 2022. Throughout that week, officials across North America will conduct their standard North American Standard Level I and V Inspections with a focus on brake hose/tubing chafing. Any vehicles inspected with a brake-related violation will… Continue Reading

Tips for Choosing the Right Warehouse

Warehouse space is in big demand as companies adjust to the uptick in e-commerce orders, ongoing labor constraints and other pandemic-driven fulfillment challenges.  “As retailers and logistics companies try to stockpile goods to hedge against supply chain problems, they are facing a new challenge: In many parts of the United States, there is little to… Continue Reading

Hawaii Vessel Delay: Manulani 182W

Dear Valued Customer, Subject: Announcement from Matson regarding vessel delay The Manulani 182W that was scheduled to depart on Wednesday, June 15th will be delayed departing Long Beach, CA to complete needed repairs. Its current planned departure is late Saturday PM, June 18, approximately 3.5 days behind schedule. As a result of the delay, Matson will… Continue Reading

Why You Should be Working with a Multimodal Transportation & Logistic Partner

As they continue to grapple with supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, rising freight costs and other uncertainties, companies need reliable logistics partners that can manage more than just one freight mode or transportation option. By serving as “one stop shops” for most of these companies’ transportation needs, multimodal partners help shippers work faster, save money… Continue Reading

Supply Chain Industry Faces a Sustainability Crossroad

Sustainability in the transportation and supply chain industry has been a concern for decades. Conversations have been ongoing about how to reduce the carbon footprint, incorporate electric vehicles into fleets, and adopt alternative fuels. Now, however, we’re at a crossroad. The global climate crisis has reached a tipping point, highlighting transportation’s contribution to the problem… Continue Reading

What the Current ILWU and PMA Contract Negotiations Mean for Shippers

A look at how the upcoming port labor negotiations could impact transportation networks and the shippers that rely on them to get their goods from origin to destination. As of May 23rd, contract talks between the ILWU and PMA have been suspended until June 1, 2022, however, individual committee meeting between both sides are continuing…. Continue Reading

Storage & Capacity Constraints Continue as Another Peak Season Looms

Shippers are facing a litany of constraints and challenges as we move closer to peak season. Here’s what you can expect and some tips for navigating the challenges. The US industrial market achieved record-high asking rents amid extremely tight space conditions in 2021, and that wave followed shippers right into 2022. While demand well outpaced… Continue Reading

CVSA’s International Roadcheck: May 17-19, 2022

CVSA’s annual three-day International Roadcheck is scheduled for May 17-19, 2022.  The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck, the largest enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, will take place May 17-19, 2022. During this time, CVSA-certified inspectors will conduct compliance, inspection and enforcement initiatives throughout Canada, Mexico and the U.S.  Each… Continue Reading

Picking the Right Logistics Partner for Your Operation

Don’t ever settle for second best when selecting a logistics partner to run your transportation, fulfillment and freight forwarding operation. Here are five things to keep in mind when picking the right one for your operation.  The need for adaptability and resilience is greater than ever, and many shippers are turning to  logistics providers to… Continue Reading

Managing Port Congestion and Disruption

With the US port congestion problems now migrating to the East Coast, shippers are coming up with creative ways to manage the current challenges and plan for a more resilient future. After watching the West Coast ports overflowing with ships anchored out in the Pacific Ocean, waiting to come in and unload, it looks like… Continue Reading